CLD Tiles™

Control Vehicle Panel Vibration and Resonance

CLD Tiles™ control panel resonance. I designed them from the ground up to follow the universally accepted principles that govern every industrial application driven by science instead of marketing. You should be able to assume that the vibration damper you choose will perform well and will last for many lifetimes. With CLD Tiles you can.

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Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)

Block Airborne Sound

I had already treated several vehicles with multiple layers of vibration damper with disappointing results when I discovered the importance of decoupled barriers for blocking airborne sound. MLV is the most practical material for adding limp mass to a vehicle. 

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3/4" Hydrophobic Melamine Foam


After controlling resonance in your vehicle's panels with CLD Tiles™ and blocking airborne sound with MLV and CCF, our final opportunity to reduce noise levels is absorption.

3/4" Hydrophobic Melamine Foam has an extraordinary combination of properties that make it ideal for our application.


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Closed Cell Foam (CCF)


Closed cell foam is a gasketing material. It prevents one object from making contact with another. This can be two objects that would other wise make intermittent contact - creating rattles or to enforce an air gap or spring between the mass loaded vinyl barreir layer and the vehicle.

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Velcro® Strips

Secure MLV and CCF to the Vehicle

High temperature, vinyl compatible Velcro® Strips are ideal for attaching CCF and MLV to your vehicle. These are not the same Velcro Strips you can buy in a hardware or crafts store. The pressure sensitive adhesive on these strips is perfect for our application. Ordinary Velcro Strips will not hold.

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HH-66 Vinyl Contact Cement

Seal Seams in MLV and Bond CCF to MLV

HH-66 Vinyl Contact Cement bonds matrials with vinyl content. For us that's MLV to MLV, CCF to MLV and sometimes, CCF to CCF.

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Extruded Butyl Rope (EBR)

Vibration Damping Butyl on a Roll

This is the same great butyl adhesive used on the CLD Tiles™ in a handy 3/8” cylindrical form. Use it to build a vibration damper in place or to make an airtight seal. We use EBR between the side impact beam and outer door skin and when mounting speakers and subs. Extruded Butyl Rope is a perfect replacement for the adhesive your vehicle's manufacturer used to mount the vapor seal inside your vehicle's doors.

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Marshalltown 2 inch Maple Roller

Great tool at a great price. For applying CLD Tiles™.

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