Your Vehicle Quiet

Automotive noise reduction. NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness). Sound deadening. Whatever you call it, it's all we do. I understand this is confusing. It's one of the few topics I've encountered that becomes less clear with research. It was the same in 2005 when the purchase of a very noisy car changed the course of my life. My primary focus since then has been making vehicles quiet. Not the easy, computery, white lab coat vehicle design and manufacturing side, but after the fact, how are we going to retrofit some luxury into this thing way of working. Testing materials, Testing approaches, Treating vehicles.

If you are doing research, I promise you this site will reward your time spent, whether you purchase from us or not. If you'd rather tell me what you want to do and have me give you my best recommendation, e-mail with a description of your goals, your vehicle specifics, a city and zip (or international equivalents) for shipping and we can get started.

Reducing vehicle noise after manufacture is not a trivial task. Expect a full treatment to take between 2 and 4 full days. Even a couple of doors or a trunk aren't going to be done in an hour. You will need to remove the interior of the vehicle. You need to treat it and put it back together. You don't want to do this twice and you don't want to be confused about what you are going to do once you remove the interior of your vehicle. Fortunately, the concepts and techniques are not complicated at all. It takes mostly time and patience but then you are done and enjoying the end result.

My goal is to take you from novice to confident installer and to find the straightest line between the two. 

If you're new to our approach you can look through some Build Logs to get a quick sense of what's involved. To understand the three techniques you'll use, review these how tos:

  1. Apply CLD Tiles™
  2. Attach MLV and CCF to the Vehicle
  3. Seal Seams in MLV

Look through our Vehicle Packages to see if we've already worked out the quantities of all of our materials to treat your vehicle.  Vehicle Area Treatments goes through a vehicle, section by section.

Products explains why I use the materials I sell and why I think you should too.

If you already know what you need, the shopping list let's you create a shopping cart from a single page that lists all of our products in one place.

Thank you for your interest.