Passenger Compartment Quarter Panels

Noise Sources: 
Wheel / Tire
Air Turbulence / Wind
Panel Resonance
1969 Chevelle

If you have a back seat and only two doors, you’ve probably got 2 of these too. They have the same noise issues as rear doors. You’ll need to establish your trunk strategy before finalizing your plan for this area.

Make a Plan


I covered the outer skin with the piece in the photo. I made a separate piece for the section of wheel well inside the quarter panel. I eventually covered the portion of the wheel well inside the passenger compartment with the back seat platform.


Estimating Materials

This is really just measuring the areas in square inches, adding them up and dividing it by 144 to determine the number of square feet. Don't forget to double your quantities. I'd plan to use 2.5 to 3 Velcro Strips on each side. I would absolutely fill the space in front of the wheel well with at least one and maybe several layers of 3/4" Hydrophobic Melamine Foam. Inside the trim panels too, if there's room.

Build Logs for Passenger Compartment Quarter Panels