Rear Seat Platform

Noise Sources: 
Wheel / Tire

Estimating Materials

First we need to measure the area. I find it easiest to do it like this:

  1. Height and width of the vertical riser running from the floor to the platform the back seat sits on.
  2. Length and width of the back seat platform.

Add it all up in square inches. Divide this number by 240 to get the number of CLD Tiles™ the area will need. You will need fewer than this, depending on the amount of factory applied vibration damper your back seat platform already has..

Divide the square inches by 144 to get square feet. You'll need that amount of MLV. I like to double up the 1/8" CCF in the foot wells. add that extra area and you'll know how much CCF you'll need.

I'd expect to use 3-4 Velcro Strips or three.

Build Logs for Rear Seat Platform