Jeep Wrangler Unlimited 4 door SUV 2007- Build Log

This was a fun project. I've always wanted to work on a Wrangler, Alan, our customer, was a pleasure every step of the way. Troy did a great job, using some materials for the first time.

I'm often asked: How much is it possible to reduce noise in a Wrangler? We've had a few customers treat theirs and report success, but there's nothing like first hand experience.

I drove this vehicle to the shop before it had been treated, when we met Alan at Enterprise to pick up the rental he was going to use during the week we had is Jeep. I drove it after treatment to reverse the process. I heard a worthwhile improvement. Most important, Alan was very pleased.

The answer to the question is: A Jeep Wrangler can't be made as quiet as many vehicles but it can be made much quieter and more pleasant to drive. That's success in my book and exactly what we want to accomplish.

The project illustrated here uses CLD Sheets on the floor for corrosion resistance. The linked materials list uses CLD Tiles™ throughout. If you are interested in using CLD Sheets and Foil Faced MLV, let me know and I'll adjust the quantities. Thank you.

In short, this has made such a difference! The roads on the way to work aren't in the best shape, so constant tire/road noise was prevalent before. Now, I can only hear it if the windows are down. Your product and Troy's installation have made a HUGE difference!
Thank you for your support.

Alan - Virginia Beach, VA


I combined the front and rear doors since they are so similar. Since they are so easy to remove from the vehicle, we removed them for treatment. The plastic insert on the inner skin is a bit of a pain to remove so we did enough to let us move it out of the way to access the outer skin for CLD Tile™ application - well worth doing.


We used Foil Faced MLV on the front section of the floor to add a radiant heat barrier. The foil side faces the heat source. We also used CLD Sheets instead of CLD Tiles™ where water could accumulate to prevent corrosion.

Trunk / Cargo Area Floor, Spare Tire Well

Trunk / Cargo Area Quarter Panels