Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van 144 WB High Roof (not for Camper Conv.) Commercial Van 2006- Build Log

This was fun and my introduction to the Sprinter. It belongs to Tim of Shenandoah Bicycle Company. Time was limited. Tim drove 3 hours to Manchester, we worked all day and into the night and then he drove 3 hours home.

I didn't get as many photos as I would have liked but learned a lot and we got a very good start on Tim's van. I designed our CLD Sheets to provide additional corrosion resistance after working on this Sprinter.


Tim's Sprinter is a Cargo Van with a Crew Van window on the left side.


We lifted the floor and applied a layer of closed cell foam (CCF) and mass loaded vinyl (MLV). Metal Floor -> CCF -> MLV -> Floor Cover.

Side Walls

Sprinter van walls are the biggest problem for noise and the biggest opportunity for improvement. All of the open space allows for extensive use of Hydrophobic Melamine Foam (HMF), an outstanding sound absorber and thermal insulator.
The first step is treating the sheet metal to control vibrations. If the vehicle will be slept in regularly, use CLD Sheets over 100% of the sheet metal skin to control vibration and prevent corrosion. Otherwise, treat the panels not treated at the factory with CLD Tiles™. We used CLD Tiles™ for this project.

We want to cover the lower wall and door sections with closed cell foam (CCF) and mass loaded vinyl (MLV). There are two possibilities: either hang the CCF and MLV on the sheet metal using this technique, with HMF on top of the MLV, or fill the void with HMF and hang a layer of MLV behind the trim panel, as we did here.