Create a Build Log, Get 10% Back

Purchase materials for a full vehicle treatment. Photograph and describe your project for us to use on our site's Build Logs page and we'll refund 10% of the cost of materials.

Your Build Log Must:

  • be a full vehicle treatment.
  • use Sound Deadener Showdown products exclusively.
  • show each area of the vehicle from start to finish.

We don't expect professional photos. We do need comprehensive coverage of each area of the vehicle. If you aren't sure what you'll need for your project, we'll help you figure it out. As is always the case, we're here to help with any questions you have during installation.

We'll need your permission to use your build log and will give you credit in any form you like – anything from complete anonymity to full attribution, copyright notice and links to your business or personal Web sites.

Once we have your build log, we'll issue a check for 10% of the material's purchase price. Refund does not apply to shipping. There is no time limit for build log submission but you must purchase your materials before February 15th, 2017.