Do you ship internationally?

Yes.  We use USPS for all international shipments.  We are unable to ship HH-66 internationally.  Please note that due to the weight of MLV and volume of CCF and 3/4" Hydrophobic Melamine Foam, shipping internationally can be expensive. We can mail 40 CLD Tiles™ in a flat rate box. Our international customers found this cost effective.

Do the "Vehicle Packages" contain pre-cut pieces to fit each vehicle?

No. Vehicles Packages are bulk quantities of the listed materials, based on measurements taken of the vehicle and where available, feed back from the customer or my own installation experience.

I don't want to use anything but CLD Tiles™. How much quieter will that make my vehicle?

I can't quantify this exactly. but a CLD Tile™ only treatment is very unlikely to reduce noise levels significantly. You'll control panel resonance which may or may not be a big problem. When I was running SDS as a testing and review site, I heard from many people who had applied several layers of vibration damper at 100% coverage and been very disappointed in the result. That was my experience as well and is what led me start working with barriers and then absorbers. That's a good indication that most of the noise people want to reduce is airborne and that stacking vibration damper is relatively poor way to block it.

CLD Tiles™ alone will improve the vehicle's tactile character in addition to controlling panel resonance. The doors will make a more pleasing sound when opened and closed. All of the sheet metal panels will sound better when tapped on, but I don't know anybody else who walks around vehicles tapping on the sheet metal :)

I don't have room for CCF and MLV. Which one should I use?

Even though closed cell foam (CCF) and mass loaded vinyl (MLV) are used together when building a barrier, they do very different things.MLV blocks sound. It is a heavy, limp barrier. CCF is a decoupler. It keeps one thing from touching another - a gasket. CCF doesn't block sound and it doesn't absorb sound. It will stop vibrations from traveling between two objects - sheet metal to barrier, sheet metal to trim panels are probably the most common. CCF without MLV in any other application, under a carpet, for example, is almost certainly doing nothing.

If I had to choose and wasn't strictly going after rattles, it would certainly be MLV. Remember though that CCF is reasonably compressible so it can be used where there is less than 1/8" available. MLV is not compressible at all.

Do you ever run sales or offer special promotions or forum discounts?

I don't ever run sales. I don't understand them. I do everything in my power to keep prices as low as possible - every day. When I see a sale my feeling is that the sale price is the real price and the non-sale price is a rip off. I don't ever want a customer to feel like they paid too much because they ordered on the wrong day.

Two things that might make you feel like there's a sale going on :)

  1. My markups are well below the industry standard. A lot of effort goes into maximizing value.
  2. All of our products are designed to offer the best possible value. They're not the cheapest but they will last for the life of your vehicle.

I offer 10% off on materials to active duty US Military personnel.