CLD Sheets

Control Vehicle Panel Vibration and Resonance and Prevent Corrosion

I advocate using only enough vibration damper to cover 25% of a panel, but what if controlling panel resonance isn't the only objective? For 10 years people have asked for a way to acoustically AND thermally insulate vehicles subject to high humidity and condensation, like camper vans, without trapping moisture against the sheet metal causing rust.

Completely cover a sheet metal panel with these sheets to control vibration and protect the sheet metal. Pipelines are treated with a similar foil faced, butyl adhesive wrap.

Each CLD Sheet is 12"x24" - 2 square feet.

1 - 10$6.10
11 - 39$5.70
40 + $5.30

Orders of 30 or more CLD Sheets include a free Marshalltown 2 inch Maple Roller. It will be added automatically to your shopping cart.

Control Vehicle Panel Vibration and Resonance and Prevent Corrosion

CLD Sheets are very good vibration dampers - they use the same butyl adhesive formula as our CLD Tiles™. Having thinner foil and being thinner overall, CLD Sheets aren't as effective as CLD Tiles™ when used at 25% coverage, but still perform remarkably well. At the intended 100% coverage, CLD Sheets couldn't be more effective at controlling vibration while providing corrosion protection for the sheet metal. 

CLD Sheets will adhere to the vehicle indefinitely but can still be peeled off, with some effort, should you ever need to have a dent repaired. 

CLD Sheets are the answer to the question that has been debated on camper van forums for years. Add Hydrophobic Melamine Foam and Mass Loaded Vinyl for a noise reduction and thermal insulation package that will handle humidity and condensation.


Size 12" X 24" (304mm X 609mm)
Adhesive Butyl
Gross Thickness 1.5 mm (60 mils +- a few)
Foil Thickness 4 mils
Mass/Area 3.375 oz/ft² (1 kg/m²)
Heat Tolerance 400°F+ for 8 hours+
Adhesion Immediate (1 in², 5 lbs. @ 90°) 34.36 seconds
Adhesion after 96 hours (1 in², 5 lbs. @ 90°) 153.02 seconds