Closed Cell Foam (CCF)


Closed cell foam is a gasketing material. It prevents one object from making contact with another. This can be two objects that would other wise make intermittent contact - creating rattles or to enforce an air gap or spring between the mass loaded vinyl barreir layer and the vehicle.

1 - 4$16.35
5 - 9$15.95
10 + $15.55

Our Closed Cell Foam comes in sheets, 36"x54", 13.5 ft².


Closed cell foam (CCF) is not an acoustical material. Its function is mechanical. It prevents objects from touching each other and conducting vibration.

The same features that give it durability under harsh conditions make CCF a very poor absorber. In addition, a material's thickness determines the frequencies it will absorb. You're looking for something at least 1/4 as thick as the wavelength of the target frequency. A material that's 1/8" or 1/4" thick would absorb sound at the very highest end of the audible range and above, if it's a good absorber, which CCF isn't.It does this while being impervious to moisture because each bubble in the material is sealed (closed). Picture a bunch of grapes, glued together where they make contact with each other.

* Please note that our current CCF is black. The previous version was gray and appears in photographs troughout this site.

This is 1/8" Neoprene/EDPM closed cell foam. It's an ideal general purpose decoupler for this application. Because it has vinyl compatible content it can be tacked to the MLV using HH-66 Vinyl Contact Cement. Vinyl is difficult to bond to anything and this takes care of the problem.

This video compares what happens when Volara foam and Sound Deadener Showdown CCF are burned. Even when removed from the flame, the Volara sample burns until it consumed and drips flaming rockets of molten foam. The SDS sample extinguishes itself immeadiately after being removed from the flame. That's what you want.


Size 36"x54"x.125" (13.5 ft²)
Polymer Neoprene/EPDM
Color Black
ASTM-D-1056-67 & 68 Grade # SCE41
ASTM-D-1056-91 & 07 SAE J18-R7/92 2C1
Density (PCF Approx) 6 +-2
Compression Deflection @ 25% 2-5 PSI
Water absorb by Weight Max ASTM Method 5%
Temperature Resistance °F -40-250
Elongation % Min 150
Tensile Strength Minimum 75 PSI
Flame Resistance UL 94 HF1, FMVSS302 PASS
Flame Resistance Canadian CAN/CSA C22.2 # 017-92 PASS

Attaching MLV and CCF to the Vehicle

Products Used

  • Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV)
  • Closed Cell Foam (CCF)
  • HH-66 Vinyl Contact Cement
  • Velcro® Strips