Extruded Butyl Rope (EBR)

Vibration Damping Butyl on a Roll

This is the same great butyl adhesive used on the CLD Tiles™ in a handy 3/8” cylindrical form. Use it to build a vibration damper in place or to make an airtight seal. We use EBR between the side impact beam and outer door skin and when mounting speakers and subs. Extruded Butyl Rope is a perfect replacement for the adhesive your vehicle's manufacturer used to mount the vapor seal inside your vehicle's doors.

Extruded Butyl Rope Roll
EBR Sealing Subwoofer Mounting Plate
EBR - Between Side Impact Beam and Outer Door Skin - Mazda Protege
EBR Cross Section

I’ve often wished I could get my hands on some high quality butyl adhesive while working on a sound deadening project. I’ve wanted to put it between the outer door skin and the crash intrusion bars and inside the trunk lid to create ad hoc vibration dampers. I’ve wanted to do the same thing when bolting a speaker mounting baffle to an inner door skin – get some viscoelastic adhesive back there and kill two birds with one stone. Now we can do all of those things and more.

This is exactly the same material used to manufacture Sound Deadener Showdown CLD Tiles™ so it has all of the same qualities. It’s extruded into a convenient 3/8 inch “rope” and comes in fifteen foot rolls.

EBR stays sticky forever so you don't want to use it anyplace where that's a problem. You can paint EBR to protect it from dirt. I either paint it or press plastic sheeting into the surface when using EBR in doors between the side impact beam and outer skin to protect it from dirt.

EBR Will Stretch to Any Thickness You Need

Stretching EBR

One of the nice characteristics of this material is that it will remain a cylinder as you stretch it to a smaller diameter.

This Product is Only Available From Sound Deadener Showdown

This isn't "Dum-Dum", used to seal windshields in old vehicles. The butyl compound is optimized for vibration damping. 

EN+BR and PE Speaker Seal

When I first decided to offer the adhesive in this form, I remembered that Parts Express sells something similar called Speaker Sealing Caulk. Don’t get me wrong – I love Parts Express and I’m sure their product is ideal for the purpose for which they are selling it, but it definitely isn’t the same thing.


Diameter .375"
Length 15'
Adhesive Butyl